Franco Politano



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a cura di Vincenzo Sanfo

dal 30 di agosto 2019

alla 58^ Biennale di Venezia


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Franco Politano allo Stand Florio Contemporary Hub di Palermo

Franco Politano allo Stand Florio Contemporary Hub di Palermo


2020-07-30 12:28

L’allestimento contemporaneo indoor et outdoor sarà visitabile fino a metà settembre

Franco Politano

About the artist

The fire that flows on the snowy slopes of Etna is the same that flows in the veins of Franco Politano, an artist from Catania who looks at the sea and the mountain, breathes the air of the Mediterranean, takes the matter from his motherland, mixes religious beliefs, pagan truths, agricultural and industrial rites, rethinks facts, names and things from eccentric points of view to create a new aesthetic and narrative orthodoxy. ​


The army of souls

installation presented at the 54th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion


The works of the Catania sculptor Franco Politano involve the viewer with their strong personality, to the point that they almost seem to want to be “onserved ”

rather than simply being observed. himself, he enjoys breaking down by breaking down and reassembling objects and their names, forgetting about them and reinventing for them new surreal purposes of form, meaning, sign and content. His interesting creative process is therefore a vital and curious renaming, renewing, rewrite but above all modernize, demystify and, why not, also entertain, but always with inspired acumen and uncommon lightness.

Lucia Dalla

One None One

Hundred Thousand Franco Politano for the second time at the Venice Biennale


Politano's personality is angular, devoid of those compliments that are now so much in use among the artists of the new generation by now more and more devoted to the search for consent, even if often ephemeral, rather than to that of laborious research through methodical, silent work, sometimes even obscure but full of feelings and depth of thought and therefore destined to last over time. deals with the things

of art. It is in fact a precise duty to make known and disseminate, as widely as possible, the

work of artists such as FrancoPolitano. in art, he is extremely in need. I would say an almost vital

need. Artist certainly not easy I said but precisely for this artist to follow, see, taste, as an artist who has, like few others,

the great m erit to set in motion the brain of the beholder. Essential thing for a work of art which is not asked, today more than ever, to be beautiful, reassuring but rather to communicate sensations, to stimulate, to ask questions, this is the great task of art contemporary and it is the task, indeed, that Politano has given himself.

Vincenzo Sanfo


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them is in itself a work of art, to be collected and


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